Man Babies!

Wow! some of the Amazing thinking!
Looks funny! man turns to baby and baby turns to man!
Good Photoshop Work!

Here is a tutorial for this! CLICK HERE














1. Which one is best post ur comments!
2. Google Search "Man Babies" for more of type of this pictures!

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Fernanda Prevedello said...

Number six is just AWSOME! LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to go with #6 or 12. They are something from out of this world...LOL!

DIANA said...


Ben Lind said...

Really great pictures!

I wonder - could you make a tutorial for doing this? I'm sure many people would benefit from it.

LawrencE said...

Ben Lind thanks for your comment!
But those all are not my creation, i just collect those and put here!
Sorry, I'm not much talented in Photoshop too! :(

regie said...

nice collection lawrence! more of these please! :)

underdog said...


Subhadeep Gayen said...

Hey lawrence, u did a grt job on this urs blog is better than mine you sud get a domain really... btw 1 suggestion i think the big banner in bottom needs some redesign, lighten the grey, and give it a solid 1px stroke inside in "Lara's" and "info" give it more prominent shadow and i'm sure u'll like it.. :)

LawrencE said...

thanks Subhadeep.......
I try to get a domain quickly as possible.
My blog is not better than users mate, urs is great mine is very small!
And the banner correction i do it quickly after installing my Photoshop CS3 this week! ;)
where u host ur site and how much it costs?

Subhadeep Gayen said...

i have written a tut if anybodys interested on

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