Vodafone ZOOZOO Ads!

Here is another post after a long time, here a showcase of Vodafone Ads that is recently get famous through TV during the Commercial breaks of all IPL Matches!

This little characters are named as zoozoo, and the big wonder is those are not animations! Watch and make fun! :)

My favorites are Cricket Alerts, Exam results, Beauty Tips, Stock Alerts!

Choose your Favorites By seeing all those cutest 30second (around) advertisements, give your comments and retweet!

1. Stock Alerts!

2. Cricket Alerts

3. Beauty Tips

4. Exam Results

5. Musical Greetings

6. Chotta(Small) Credit

7. Phone Backup

8. Background Music to your Conversations!

9. Divert your Calls

10. Group SMS

11. FaceBook on Vodafone!

12. Know when to keep your phone Silent!

13. Recharge Anywhere!

14. Fashion Tips!

15. Voice SMS!

16. Be the Star of the match!

17. Set a Busy Message!

18. Dating Tips!

19. Listen To Prayers!

20. International Roaming!

21. Cricket Commentary!

22. Vodafone MagicBox - 1st edition!

23. Magic Box - 2nd edition!

24. Maps On Vodafone!

25. Call Filter!

26. Games!

27. Be the Star of the Match!

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busted loser said...

Haha I love these ads when they come up on TV, nice to see that u took they effort to collect all these.

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