Vodafone ZOOZOO Ads!

Here is another post after a long time, here a showcase of Vodafone Ads that is recently get famous through TV during the Commercial breaks of all IPL Matches!

This little characters are named as zoozoo, and the big wonder is those are not animations! Watch and make fun! :)

Woman in All AGES!

“By continually scolding someone, they in time become accustomed to it and despise your reproof.”
- French Proverb

Man Babies!

Wow! some of the Amazing thinking!
Looks funny! man turns to baby and baby turns to man!
Good Photoshop Work!

World Without Engineers!

Scientist Study the World!
Engineers make the World!
Proud be an Engineer! (Myself a Computer Engineer :) )

Posting to this user has been temporarily disabled! - In Orkut!

Nowadays several users find these in Their Orkut and say Shit Again it happens!
Lets we try to find the solutions and the myths behind this problem!